Climate control is serious business in Rowlett, TX, and MHC Air Services has the solutions you need to keep indoor temperatures in check. With years of fast and dependable service under our belts, MHC Air Services is prepared to handle all things HVAC.

Air Conditioning

A broken air conditioning system in Rowlett isn’t just an inconvenience in the summer, it’s often a direct health threat. If your AC is not functioning or can’t keep up with demand, we step in and do the work to repair or replace it safely and swiftly so you can enjoy a comfortable indoor environment when you walk inside from the Texas heat.


Rowlett residents are typically primed for hot weather, but thermostat drops in winter mean it’s just as important to keep heating systems in working order. Whether you have or are looking for a furnace or heat pump, MHC Air Services is there for you from installation to maintenance and repairs, so you’re never left shivering when the temperature plunges.

Indoor Air Quality

The nature of airflow means that the air inside your Rowlett home is constantly picking up dust, dirt, spores, allergens, and pollutants that could make you sick. MCH Air Services can clean up your indoor air through solutions ranging from small additions like air purifiers to bigger projects like whole-house air purifiers, depending on your unique indoor air quality needs.

Commercial HVAC & New Construction

When it comes to commercial HVAC systems, you need certified experts that understand the complexities of the commercial setting. Our teams are equipped with the knowledge and tools to install, maintain, and repair the AC systems that are critical to commercial success.

Similarly, proper installation of HVAC systems into new construction buildings is essential for making sure the systems work as intended for as long as possible. MHC Air Services is a premier partner for home builders looking for new construction HVAC installation in the Rowlett area.

VIP Maintenance Program

Why worry about remembering to schedule HVAC maintenance when MHC Air Services can do it for you? Our VIP AC maintenance program will schedule the appropriate maintenance for your systems at the appropriate times, allowing you to benefit from increased air quality, lower energy bills, and the peace of mind in knowing that as a VIP you will receive repair priority if something goes wrong.

To learn more about our VIP maintenance program and all our other HVAC services, call MHC Air Services at 972-708-4854, contact us online or book an appointment right in your browser.