Commercial Packaged AC Units for Your Dallas, TX Business

If you’re looking for space-saving, easy maintenance, and efficient AC solutions for your Dallas-area business, you should consider our packaged AC units. These are an excellent option for businesses of all types, and they come in a variety of models to suit your specific cooling needs. The expert HVAC technicians at MHC Air Services are well-acquainted with packaged systems and can help you determine the perfect packaged AC unit for your space, as well as offer flawless installation and any necessary maintenance or repairs needed down the road.

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Types of Packaged AC Units for Commercial Spaces

Our energy-efficient and reliable packaged AC units come in many models, such as:

  • Packaged air conditioners: These electric-only systems include an air conditioner and air handler. For even more versatility, they can also provide heating capabilities if you install heat strips in your business.
  • Gas/electric systems: This system includes an air conditioner, coil, and furnace.
  • Packaged heat pump: This system contains an electric heat pump and air handler and works great in Dallas’ climate, where temperatures don’t typically drop below freezing.
  • Dual-fuel packaged system: This split system provides the benefits of an electric heat pump and gas furnace.
  • Packaged rooftop unit: This system is perfect for light or large commercial application. It connects directly to your ductwork system and contains an expansion device, an evaporator, a compressor, and an air-cooled compressor.

If you’re not sure which system is right for you, the local industry experts at MHC Air Services will help you determine your perfect fit based on your business’s size, cooling needs, and budget.

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Benefits of Packaged AC Units in Dallas, TX

Wondering how these space-saving units can increase the comfort and efficiency of cooling your space? Consider the following benefits that come with packaged AC units:

  • They save interior space. If you operate in a smaller space, packaged AC units are a great way to avoid installing a bulky system.
  • Maintenance is easy. All components are in a single, easy-to-reach location, making maintenance quick, easy, and extra-affordable.
  • Installation is simple. Not only is installation of packaged units cheaper because it’s only a single unit, the assembly of your packaged unit is completed in a controlled, indoor environment, ensuring performance and efficiency.
  • Utility bills go down. Packaged AC units don’t work as hard as typical HVAC systems, creating higher efficiency and lower utility bills.
  • They are reliable and versatile. You have a variety of options when it comes to AC energy choices, ranging from a heat pump, gas unit, and electric unit. You also have the option to add heating capabilities if needed.
  • They cool large spaces for less money. Packaged AC units are capable of effectively cooling large spaces for a fraction of the cost of more intricate HVAC systems.

Professional Commercial HVAC Maintenance From Our Service Experts

Scheduling routine maintenance for your packaged AC unit is the single most important step you can take to ensure your unit has the longest service life possible. With the proper maintenance and care, you can expect your packaged unit to bring you efficient and effective comfort for upward of 20 years.

Our preventive maintenance experts will inspect your system to ensure that there are no small issues that could lead to larger and more costly problems down the line. We will alert you to any issues and can provide prompt and affordable repairs if necessary.

If your system is behind on maintenance, don’t wait until you have an expensive breakdown! Schedule preventive maintenance for your business’s packaged AC unit today by calling 972-279-3400 or scheduling your service online!

Choose MHC Air Services for Comprehensive Packaged AC Unit Installation

Our team of local HVAC experts has provided top-rated AC installation services for over 40 years, and we are committed to helping you find the effective and affordable solutions you need to bring consistent comfort to your Dallas business. We pride ourselves on superior customer service paired with unmatched expertise. Let us show you the MHC Air Services difference by scheduling your business’s packaged AC unit installation today!

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