Dallas Furnace Repair Services

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If you’ve noticed that your furnace is not distributing warm air as efficiently as it used to, it might be time for repairs. MHC Air Services offers quality furnace repairs seven days a week in the Dallas area. Even on weekends and holidays, our NATE-certified technicians can find the issue with your furnace and make the necessary repairs quickly so that your home is always comfortable throughout the winter season.

Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

Other than not providing consistent heating for your Dallas home, here are several other signs that your furnace needs to be repaired:

  • Increase in utility costs: An expert from MHC Air Services can inspect your furnace and tune up any efficiency issues so that you don’t pay any more on your energy bills than necessary.
  • Strange smells: It’s normal to smell your furnace burning at the very beginning of the winter season, but persistent aromas are not normal. Call MHC Air Services when you sense a strong smell (especially fuel or rotten eggs) coming from your furnace.
  • Odd noises: When you hear consistent noises, an MHC Air Services expert can check out your furnace and usually provide a quick repair.
  • Carbon monoxide detector goes off: If your CO detector begins beeping, turn off your furnace immediately and call your gas company to check for leaks. After you, your family, and your home are declared safe, call MHC Air Services to send out a certified HVAC expert to repair your furnace.

Schedule an appointment with one of our furnace repair experts! Call us at 972-279-3400 or contact us online today. 

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

Furnaces can last about 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Technological advances have allowed newer furnaces to become far more energy-efficient than older models. When your furnace starts needing repairs every winter, you would likely save money on your utility bills if you replaced your furnace with a new, energy-efficient model.

These factors can make it difficult for you as a Dallas homeowner or business owner to figure out if it’s worth it to replace your furnace now or if it’s better to repair your old furnace.

Each of our NATE-certified technicians has the resources to help you assess whether it would save you more money to replace your furnace sooner rather than later. Call us today at 972-279-3400 or contact us online!

Schedule Furnace Repair in Dallas

When you need reliable furnace repair, trust MHC Air Services. Dallas residents and businesses have depended on us to be available for emergency furnace repairs since 1976. When you call MHC Air Services, one of our expert technicians will arrive promptly at your home or business, diagnose the problem with your furnace, and provide quality repairs as quickly as possible.

MHC Air Services is available seven days a week, even weekends and holidays, for quality furnace repairs! Send us a message online or call us today at 972-279-3400.