Commercial AC Replacement in Dallas, TX

Every commercial property in Dallas needs a top-quality air conditioning system. If your business can’t beat the heat with its current unit, look to MHC Air Services for help.

Our team of expert technicians knows commercial HVAC systems inside and out. We’ll thoroughly inspect you’re AC unit and perform a total AC replacement if needed. When we’re done, you’ll have reliable cooling for every space within your building.

Schedule a commercial AC replacement for your Dallas-area business today by calling us at 972-279-3400.

Signs You Need To Replace Your AC

When an air conditioner is on its last legs, a few noticeable changes are likely to occur. It may be time to call the NATE-certified technicians at MHC Air Services for a replacement if:

  • Your AC only blows warm air
  • Your unit is smoking or sparking
  • Your system only cools certain rooms
  • Your energy bills are higher than ever
  • Your unit is 15+ years old

Industries We Serve

At MHC Air Services, we bring decades of experience to every commercial AC replacement service. We’ve worked on all types of properties throughout the Dallas area, and we can help you with your AC needs. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Restaurants
  • Office spaces
  • Condos & apartments
  • Government buildings
  • Schools & universities
  • Hospitals & medical facilities

No matter your line of work, we’ve got a commercial AC system that’s right for your property. Call 972-279-3400 now to schedule AC replacement services in Dallas.

Why Choose MHC Air Services for AC Replacement?

Since 1976, MHC Air Services has provided exceptional HVAC services for commercial clients throughout the Dallas region. Our family-owned and -operated business is dedicated to treating every client like one of our own.

Our NATE-certified technicians offer competitive pricing, expert service, proper system maintenance, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Count on us when you need your HVAC work done right.

When it’s time for an AC replacement, count on our pros to do the job right. Call 972-279-3400 to request an estimate for an AC installation in the Dallas area.


How long do commercial air conditioners last?

The life span of a commercial AC system will depend on the amount of use and regular maintenance it receives. Usually, these units last around 15 years, sometimes longer if they are well-maintained.

Can I have my AC repaired instead of replaced?

It’s possible that the problems you’re experiencing with your air conditioner can be fixed and a replacement isn’t needed. Our technicians will discuss your needs and help you decide if a repair service or a total replacement is best.

What are the benefits of replacing a commercial air conditioner?

There are many benefits to replacing a commercial AC unit. Just a few include improved energy efficiency, reduced repair needs, and added property value if you intend to sell.