Whole-Home Humidifier Services in Dallas, TX

The level of moisture in your Dallas home’s air plays an important role, not only in keeping you comfortable but also in keeping your indoor air quality high. When you install a humidifier in your home’s HVAC system, you can rest assured that everyone in your household is breathing comfortable, healthy air.

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What Is Humidity?

Humidity is a measurement of water vapor in the air when the air is at a specific temperature. Warm air holds more water vapor than cold air. When air reaches a certain temperature and holds the maximum amount of water vapor possible, this is referred to as “relative humidity,” which is the term most often used when calculating humidity. If the air contains only half the amount of water vapor it’s capable of, then it would be measured as 50% humidity. Ideally, your home’s humidity should fall between 40-50%.

The Problem with Too Much or Too Little Humidity

Did you know that simple, daily tasks such as working out in your home gym or washing a load of laundry can significantly impact your home’s humidity levels? Too much humidity during the warmer months can lead to mold growth, wet stains on walls and ceilings, and a musty, unpleasant odor. When combined with high temperatures, too much humidity can be dangerous, as it disrupts the body’s ability to cool itself and can exacerbate issues such as asthma or allergies.

During the cooler months, your home is more likely to have too little humidity, resulting in dry air that can lead to itchy skin, chapped lips, a scratchy throat, and higher susceptibility to colds or respiratory illness. Low humidity can also affect your furniture, especially if it’s made of wood. Your hardwood floors may separate or warp, pianos can go out of tune, and your wallpaper may peel at the edges. So how do you combat fluctuating humidity levels in your home? Your best bet is to install a humidifier directly inside your HVAC system.

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Affordable Solutions for Humidity Control in Plano, Highland Park & Allen

If you’re tired of suffering from poor humidity levels in your home and are starting to experience the negative effects, reach out to the knowledgeable MHC Air Services team to learn how our whole-home humidifier systems could benefit you! We offer comprehensive services, including humidifier installation, maintenance, and repairs, so you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your home’s air again.

Humidifier Installation Services

When you call us for installation of your home’s humidifier, we’ll test your home’s current humidity levels, discuss your options, and help you choose the right system for your health and comfort needs. Then, our licensed and certified technicians will install your system and thoroughly test it for guaranteed effectiveness. No matter the levels of humidity in your home, we can provide fast and effective relief!

Humidifier Maintenance Services

Every comfort system in your home requires annual maintenance to ensure safe and effective operation, and that includes your home humidifier system. We offer tune-up services and preventive system maintenance to ensure that your home is always comfortable and that you won’t face any expensive, unexpected breakdowns. Likewise, preventive maintenance means that you’ll get the maximum service life out of your system.

Repairs for Your Whole-Home Humidifier

If you ever experience any problems with your home’s humidifier system, our experienced HVAC team can get to the root of the problem quickly and provide repairs on the spot. We are committed to your comfort, so if your humidity control system isn’t operating properly, just contact us for repairs!

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Indoor Air Comfort Solutions in Plano, Highland Park & Allen, TX

Homeownership is extremely rewarding, but it comes with challenges as well. At MHC Air Services, we strive to take the burden of maintaining consistent, comfortable living off your plate and make things easier. We have been helping customers throughout Dallas achieve this for over 40 years! Our technicians are EPA-certified, background-checked, drug-tested, and all-around pleasant professionals.  That’s because at MHC Air Services, we share a common goal: providing reliable, affordable comfort solutions to members of our community!

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