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With its virtually year-round use in the Dallas area, a heat pump can be subject to plenty of wear as it works to keep your home comfortable through long, hot summers and the occasional cold spell. To keep it running as well as possible, schedule heat pump maintenance at least twice a year.

For expert heat pump maintenance from a reliable, trusted HVAC company in Dallas, TX, turn to our experts at MHC Air Services. We have been serving the Dallas Metroplex area since 1976, and we are a family-owned company focused on revolutionizing the service experience. Our goal is total customer satisfaction, and we feature expertly trained NATE-certified technicians and over 45 years of industry experience. Learn more about our exceptional service by reading some of the reviews from our customers in the Dallas area.

Signs You Need Heat Pump Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an easy way to avoid problems with your heat pump, and here are a few signs that your system is due for a service visit:

  • Your utility costs are going up: As clogged air filters, dirty coils, and increased friction make your heat pump work harder to keep your home comfortable, your utility costs will rise.
  • Your coils are freezing up: Excessive dirt and grime can make it harder for your heat pump to transfer heat, allowing the coils to freeze.
  • Auxiliary heat is on too often: If your heat pump is in defrost mode or the auxiliary heat is on too often in the winter, dirty coils may prevent the heat pump from absorbing enough heat to keep your home comfortable.
  • Poor airflow: Clogged air filters or blocked air ducts can slow down airflow in the system and cause malfunctions.
  • Strange noises: Abnormal noises like tapping could indicate a worn belt, while squeaking may indicate a lack of lubrication. Clicking could show problems with a relay or contactor.

Our team at MHC Air Services can handle all the maintenance needs for your heat pump, and if we find any broken parts like a faulty contactor, a damaged belt, or a defective reversing valve, we will recommend the best heat pump repairs for your budget. In cases where a major part has failed, like a coil or the compressor, we may recommend a heat pump replacement if it is the more cost-effective solution.

To schedule heat pump maintenance in the Dallas Metroplex area, call 972-279-3400 today or contact us online.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Dallas

Choose our team at MHC Air Services when you need reliable, high-quality heat pump maintenance tailored to your system’s needs. We recommend two service visits a year in the Dallas area, one in the fall and one in the winter. During our service visit, our technicians will complete a full inspection of your heat pump, then perform essential maintenance like replacing the air filter, checking the refrigerant levels, cleaning the condensate drain, inspecting the coils, and checking the electrical connections. Then, we will run the system and check it for problems.

The process should take an hour or two at most. It’s designed to spot problems before they cause a breakdown while keeping your energy costs as low as possible and maximizing the service life of your heat pump. At MHC Air Services, we are well-equipped to keep your heat pump operating at its peak. With our VIP Maintenance Program, you can enjoy top-quality maintenance, priority service, discounts on repairs, service reminders, and more.

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance

Staying on top of the routine maintenance for your heat pump can provide several benefits for your home and your family, including:

  • More efficient operation: When your heat pump is clean and serviced properly, it will use less energy to keep your home comfortable.
  • Lower utility costs: As the heat pump uses less energy, your heating and cooling costs will decrease.
  • Improved comfort: A properly operating heat pump will offer more effective heating and cooling, better indoor air quality, and reduced noise.
  • Longer service life: When your heat pump is cared for properly, it will outlast similar systems with spotty maintenance records.

Has it been longer than a year since your last service visit? Schedule heat pump maintenance with our team at MHC Air Services today. Call 972-279-3400 or contact us online for an appointment in Dallas, TX.

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Heat Pump Maintenance FAQs

What happens if you don’t clean your heat pump?

If it’s not cleaned often enough, dirt and debris can build up on the coils and make your heat pump work less efficiently, increasing your utility costs. In the worst-case scenario, the waste could trap moisture, causing the coils to corrode, or the inefficient heat transfer could allow the compressor to overheat and fail, a costly repair.

How many years does a heat pump last?

Most heat pumps will last 12 to 15 years with proper maintenance. You can maximize your system’s service life by changing the air filter often, staying current with routine maintenance, and repairing any problems as soon as we find them.

How often should heat pump filters be cleaned?

Reusable filters should be cleaned at least once every three months. Replaceable fiberglass filters should be swapped out every three months or so, and high-efficiency filters should be replaced every six months to a year, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. At MHC Air Services, we recommend checking your air filter once a month and cleaning it or replacing it whenever it’s visibly dirty or clogged.