Commercial Furnace Installation & Replacement in Dallas, TX

We understand better than anyone how crucial a properly working furnace is for your business or commercial property. When your current furnace becomes inefficient in cost and heating, replacing it can seem daunting. That’s why MHC Air Services guarantees to get the job done safely, efficiently, and within your budget, just as we’ve done for over 45 years. As the go-to HVAC provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we have extensive knowledge of commercial furnace installation. Countless businesses have relied on us and our NATE-certified technicians to expertly assess, install, or replace furnaces for various industries.

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Signs You Need a New Furnace

There are several signs that your business needs a commercial furnace replacement, and uneven heating is one of the first indicators you’ll notice. It’s important to stay aware of the following issues since all point to a furnace’s efficiency and life span.

  • The furnace is 15 years or older
  • Higher-than-average heating bills
  • Requires frequent repairs
  • Inadequate or uneven heating
  • Strange noises

Benefits of Furnace Replacement

Dallas winters are increasingly unpredictable, so it’s critical to have safe and reliable heating. Our furnace replacement technicians can assess your business needs, saving you on heating bills year-round. MHC Air Services will make sure your commercial furnace:

  • Costs less: Reduce HVAC and utility expenses with a higher-performing furnace
  • Stays efficient: Get consistent heating on less energy
  • Improves workplace air quality: Gain better indoor air quality with a new filtration system
  • Operates remotely: Upgrade to a tech-smart furnace that best fits your business
  • Is maintained: Save time and money by enrolling in our VIP Maintenance Program
  • Is sustainable: Make a positive impact on the environment with a high-efficiency furnace

Call us at 972-279-3400, or contact us today to talk to an MHC Air Services expert about commercial furnace installation in Dallas, TX.

Commercial Industries We Serve in Dallas, TX

MHC Air Services is ready to supply your commercial site or business with an energy-efficient furnace! Since 1976, our family-owned and -operated business has installed and replaced furnaces for various industries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have worked on schools, universities, hospitals, office spaces, and large-scale residential properties. We also service:

  • Restaurants
  • Government buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Apartments
  • And more

Why Choose MHC Air Services?

It’s simple. MHC Air Services offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed, and the Dallas area knows it! We have provided top-class care to Dallas, TX, since 1976, offering quality commercial HVAC services to our community. Our NATE-certified technicians ensure that every installation is handled with expertise and that attentiveness extends to our 24/7 emergency service hours. We are also transparent in our competitive rates, valuing new and ongoing customers through our VIP Maintenance Program. Your business can experience instant savings by signing up today, as well as scheduled reminders for AC and furnace systems maintenance.

Contact us or give us a call at 972-279-3400! MHC Air Services is ready to replace or install your new commercial furnace in Dallas, TX, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.