Scroll Compressor

What is a Spiral Compressor?

A scroll compressor is a versatile piece of equipment. Often found in air conditioning systems and heat pump units, or in automobile air conditioning systems, it is a mechanical part that adds a lot of value to our everyday lives. The main purpose of the scroll compressor is to compress air or refrigerant.

A scroll compressor is known by a variety of different names, including a scroll pump, scroll vacuum pump, or a spiral compressor. The scroll compressor is circular and is spiral in shape. Two inter-twining scrolls work together, in order to pump, or pressurize, the air or refrigerant, dont be mistaken for the reciprocating air compressor that create gas and it has a cylinder shape.

Of the two scrolls, one of them is usually in a fixed position, while the other one rotates, or orbits, around the other. Other scroll compressors are created so that both scrolls co-rotate simultaneously. Either way, the goal is to trap, compress, and pump fluid or air through the scrolls.

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