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Proper Ventilation is Needed

When homeowners think about the systems within their homes that keep the air a nice, controlled temperature, they generally think about the heating or air conditioning units themselves. However, it is not just those individual systems that keep our homes comfortable. The ventilation system is a huge part of the specific equation that provides the regulated temperature of the air. Hence, the acronym; HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning). It is important that your home have the right ventilation system in place for the heating and air-conditioning system to perform properly.

There are many designated areas within your home where proper ventilation is needed for optimum function. In addition to having clear, open ducts throughout your home, other areas that should be targeted include: the attic, the roof, and the crawl space (if your home has one).

The attic is typically the one place in your home that experiences extreme temperatures. Since heat rises, it is the hottest place during the warm, summer months. For this reason, it may behoove you to ensure installation of an attic fan or a powered attic ventilator (PAV). It is important that you choose the correct size fan for your attic space, because too large of a fan may do more harm than good.

Maintaining Your Ventilation System

Another area that should be focused on for ventilation purposes is the roof. Roofs have a passive form of ventilation system that aids in reducing heat within a home by using a convection format. Gable or ridge vents allow for the hottest air to escape your home right along the peak of the roof.

If your home has a crawl space, then ensure that the space stays dry and mold-free. A crawl space inspection a few times a year should be sufficient to check for dampness, moisture, or mold-growth. Regulate the vents around your crawl space to guarantee a dry environment.

Most homes have some uncontrolled areas where heated or air-conditioned air escapes through gaps around doors or windows, or through doors that are opened and closed frequently. Your home’s ventilation system works with controlled equipment to stabilize the temperature inside your home as much as possible. These controlled pieces include things like the air-to-air heat exchangers of the HVAC system.

The ventilation system is a major part of the HVAC system in a home. As a homeowner, it is important to keep the ventilation system working properly. As it works properly, the heating and air-conditioning systems can also work at their superior levels. With a good-functioning HVAC system, you can provide a comfortable environment for the interior of your home, as well as maintain manageable energy bills. MHC Air Services offers ventilation service to improve your HVAC system.

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