Having a dependable heating and cooling system is critical to ensure home comfort in every season. If you’re looking for an experienced HVAC company in Heath, TX, MHC Air Services offers just what you need. Our family-owned business has provided residential and commercial HVAC services since 1976. We would be pleased to meet all of your heating and cooling needs for smooth equipment operation and optimal indoor comfort.

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Commercial HVAC in Heath

Whether you run a retail business with customers in and out, office spaces full of workers trying to maintain productivity, or any other sort of business or organization, maintaining effective and efficient heating and cooling throughout the year is crucial if you want your business to thrive. Whether uncomfortable temperatures mean customers who don’t want to stick around, damage to delicate equipment or goods, lost productivity from uncomfortable employees, or any other consequence for your particular business, you’ll want experts you can count on to maintain your systems.

At MHC Air Services, our team of HVAC experts has the training necessary to keep your commercial HVAC operating in top form and assist you with all necessary services, from installation to repair to routine maintenance.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

In the Dallas area, good air conditioning isn’t an optional luxury for much of the summer. Rather than unhappy customers or employees, you might instead be looking at a risk of heat stroke. Fortunately, the expert HVAC technicians at MHC Air Services can arrive quickly to deliver repairs when your commercial AC breaks down or upgrade you to a new, more effective and efficient air conditioner when your old system reaches the end of its service life.

Commercial Heating

When winter decides to hit Dallas hard, you’ll be glad you invested in installing and maintaining high-quality commercial heating solutions with the help of the team at MHC Air Services. We can help you keep your business toasty through even the coldest nights with energy-efficient and reliable commercial heating systems. If you need your business outfitted with adequate heating solutions, whether you’re upgrading or installing for the first time, you can count on our team to help you find the perfect system for your needs.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Routine maintenance is crucial if you want to keep your HVAC equipment operating at peak efficacy and efficiency, delay being forced into an upgrade, and avoid needing repairs. Effective maintenance means understanding the systems at hand intimately — which is why it’s important to work with HVAC technicians who understand the unique equipment in use on commercial properties, like the NATE-certified team at MHC Air Services.

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Air Conditioner Repair & Replacement

Are you having trouble staying comfortable during the hot, humid Texas summer? You may need AC repair if you notice poor performance from your air conditioner. Our team is here to keep you cool all summer long! We also offer air conditioning installation, both for existing homes and new construction.

Some of the most common AC problems we repair include:

  • Warm air blowing from the vents
  • Weak airflow
  • No power to the AC unit
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Leaking AC unit
  • Short-cycling
  • Odd sounds or smells

Don’t allow these problems to get any worse! Schedule AC repair and installation in Heath, TX, today. We also offer air conditioning maintenance to keep your system running smoothly.

Home Heating Repair & Installation

When the temperature drops outside, you turn to your heating system for indoor comfort. If you find yourself shivering in your own home, you know it’s time to schedule heating services. The team at MHC Air Services is dedicated to keeping our customers comfortable. It all starts with furnace or heat pump installation, whether as a new or replacement system. Then, we provide furnace or heat pump repairs as needed, along with furnace and heat pump tune-ups to promote reliable, efficient operation.

You may need heating repairs if you notice any of these signs:

  • Hot and cold spots throughout the house
  • Not enough heat
  • Rising energy bills
  • Poor air quality
  • Concerning noises or odors
  • Yellow, flickering burner flame

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Why Choose MHC Air Services?

At MHC Air Services, we strive to deliver the best HVAC products and customer service. With generous warranty coverage and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s safe to set your expectations high! Everyone on our team is fully trained, licensed, and insured. We also background check new hires before adding them to the team for your peace of mind.

Over the past four decades, we have built a reputation for being honest and friendly professionals. Thanks to years of hands-on experience and industry training, we are equipped with the necessary expertise to solve all your home’s heating and cooling problems. We are pleased to provide services seven days a week, so feel free to call us even if it’s a weekend or holiday! Our trucks are fully stocked to provide the services you need in a single visit whenever possible.

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Whether your goal is to save energy, improve home comfort, or reduce inconvenient breakdowns, you’ll find everything you’re looking for from MHC Air Services. We can help you decide what type of HVAC system to install, keep your existing equipment running smoothly, and provide reliable assistance when malfunctions occur. Partner with us, and you can expect a positive experience from start to finish.

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