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A large metropolitan area in the Texas heat is going to need a lot of air conditioning. Texas cold spells can be serious, and heating becomes important. HVAC systems are going to be running much of the year and some of them are going to need servicing and repair. MHC Air Services offers Dallas HVAC service & repair in any season.

MHC Air Services provides Dallas with the full range of HVAC service. We install and repair residential and commercial HVAC systems. We repair commercial refrigeration systems and understand the importance of acting quickly before damage is compounded. We repair and maintain commercial air conditioning, and we understand how the comfort of customers relates to sales. We install HVAC systems in new construction, and repair and replace them in renovation projects. We can remodel a system. We improve air circulation. We clean ventilation ducts, which can significantly improve health in areas where there are children and anyone with allergies.

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