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Custom HVAC Services for Improved Home Comfort

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) make up the comfort and quality of the air inside a building. At some point you’ve been in your home or a building where the air felt noticeably hot, cold, stuffy, or smelly. These occurrences happen from time to time, but if the smells linger and the room temperature doesn’t change even after you adjust the thermostat, then you likely have an HVAC issue. 

MHC Air Services’ experts provide top-rated HVAC service and repair to Dallas-area residential and commercial buildings. Contact us or call 972-279-3400 for help! 

HVAC & Indoor Air Quality for Dallas, TX Homes & Buildings

IAQ has a direct effect on your health and comfort. Heating and AC help control the temperature (comfort), while ventilation and air filtration control the cleanliness of the air (health). Dallas weather is hot and humid most months of the year, requiring durable, well-maintained HVAC systems to balance airflow, moisture, and temperatures ideal for your health and the long-term integrity of your building or home. 

Learn more about how the EPA defines and regulates IAQ. 

Why MHC Air Services for Your Dallas HVAC Needs?

We’re in it for the long haul. Establishing long-term relationships with our customers is how we aim to serve. Because safety and comfort will always be basic needs, we seek to provide and protect our fellow Dallas-area neighbors. We do this by providing a sincere and professional service experience, quality products, and expert installations and maintenance to ensure the long-term integrity of your home or building.

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HVAC Services for Dallas, TX

Air Conditioning

Installation, repair, and maintenance; different products- such as ductless systems, packaged A/C units, and Indoor Air Quality solutions– to suit your building needs and budget.

Learn how you can tell if you need A/C repair.


Furnace, heat pump, geothermal, or ductless systems- we provide installation, repair, and maintenance for any heating solution. You never want to be caught off-guard when cold weather pays a visit.  

Learn about geothermal and other heating systems.

Commercial HVAC

Schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and so many more. MHC Service experts are licensed, insured, and trained not only in HVAC but most of our staff also completed OSHA and EPA certificate trainings, providing a greater understanding of commercial IAQ and HVAC safety and compliance.

Business owners and facility managers shouldn’t wait for a breakdown. Contact us here or call us at 972-708-4868 to schedule a maintenance check.

New Construction

We bring reliable service to any project through quality equipment, accurate sizing, and installation specialists. 

Learn more about new construction services and brands we install. 

VIP Maintenance Program

Reliable air-conditioning is a must for Dallas-area homes and buildings. Given how hard your AC system runs nearly year-round, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll experience problems without proactive attention and maintenance. While you can certainly do basic maintenance tasks on your own, MHC Air Services VIPs get professional extras like measuring for correct air flow (important for Indoor Air Quality), testing safety controls, and assessing the calibration of your thermostat.

The VIP Maintenance Program includes two service checks per year and results in the following benefits:

  • Lower energy bills. Regular maintenance keeps your AC system running efficiently, which lowers your energy bills.
  • Consistent comfort throughout your home. Properly working AC systems regulate your interior temperatures, so they are consistent with your thermostat.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality. Regularly serviced ACs have clean filters with a better ability to capture dust and other harmful particles from the air in your home.
  • Priority service. When you need a repair, VIPs get priority status.
  • Service discounts. VIP members get discounts on tune-ups and repairs.

Responsibly maintaining your air conditioner with regular service and tune-ups protects your investment and keeps your home safe, comfortable, and operating efficiently. Learn more about becoming a VIP member.

Whatever your home comfort needs in Dallas may be, turn to the experts at MHC Air Services for help. Call us at 972-708-4868 or schedule your HVAC services online today!

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