Close up view of the fan on an air conditioning unit

One vital but often overlooked aspect of HVAC maintenance is HVAC balancing. This involves a technician ensuring that the air ducts are working as they should deliver the proper amount of heating or cooling to every room. When a system is out of balance, it can greatly affect the climate of the entire property.

In this blog, we’ll look at what is involved in balancing an HVAC system, signs that it’s time for the service, and how often an HVAC balancing should be performed.

What’s Involved In An HVAC Balancing

Balancing an HVAC system requires knowledge of every part of the system in order to make proper adjustments. A professional HVAC technician can ensure that the blower motor, condenser coil, and other parts of the heater and air conditioner are working properly. They can also make adjustments to the airflow valves of the duct system to ensure that each vent is getting the proper amount of airflow. With the right knowledge and tools, a system can be balanced and provide comfortable air to every space in the building.

Signs That It’s Time For A Balancing Service

When your commercial HVAC system is out of balance, you’ll likely notice certain issues with your heating and cooling. It may be time to call a professional for system balancing services if you notice:

  • Temperature differences: An unbalanced HVAC system will struggle to provide an even amount of heating and cooling to each room.
  • Low air pressure: HVAC systems that are out of balance won’t be able to deliver an even amount of air through each vent. If certain vents seem weaker than others, it’s time for service.
  • Air quality differences: If you notice some rooms feel stuffier than others, that’s a likely sign of an unbalanced system.
  • Humidity issues: Unbalanced HVAC units may result in certain rooms being more humid than other rooms.

These are all serious HVAC problems that should be addressed as soon as they arise. An expert HVAC team will be able to perform a system balancing and test to see if these problems are resolved.

How Often Is This Service Needed?

The frequency of HVAC balancing depends on many factors. From installing new air purifiers to replacing an AC unit, several events could knock an HVAC system out of balance.

In general, a test will be performed to ensure the HVAC system is balanced after it is first installed. After that, balancing should be performed when any changes are made to the system. Even if no new units are installed, HVAC balancing should be performed every few years to ensure the airflow is still good.

Turn to MHC Air Services for HVAC Balancing

Since 1976, the team at MHC Air Services has provided top-quality HVAC services in the Dallas area. Our NATE-certified technicians know how to properly balance a commercial HAVC system to ensure proper airflow. We work closely with every client to understand their needs and perform the right repairs, replacements, or maintenance services.

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