When it comes to keeping commercial properties comfortable, business owners have several HVAC systems to choose from. But which commercial HVAC system is right for your business’s specific needs?

In this blog post, we discuss the pros and cons of three of the most common types of commercial heating and cooling equipment to help Dallas business owners make the most informed decisions for their properties.

Single-Split HVAC Systems

Single-split HVAC systems are ideal for smaller commercial properties, such as cafes, boutiques, or individual offices, as they are compact and easy to install. This is why these units are often installed in newly constructed spaces or commercial properties undergoing renovation.


  • Inexpensive: Compared to other HVAC equipment, single-split systems are much less expensive to install.
  • Reliability: Since each unit is self-contained, if one breaks down, it won’t affect the operation of other single-split systems throughout the property.
  • Efficiency: Each unit is designed to heat or cool the space in which it was installed, resulting in greater energy efficiency.


  • Bulky: Because each indoor unit has its own outdoor unit, single-split systems can demand more space than other HVAC solutions.

Multi-Split HVAC Systems

Multi-split HVAC units are similar to single-split systems; however, the key difference is that multiple indoor units can be hooked up to one outdoor unit. These systems are ideal for larger commercial spaces, such as restaurants, doctors’ offices, or retail stores.


  • Sleek: Since several indoor units can connect to a single outdoor unit, multi-split HVAC systems are less bulky than their single-split counterparts.
  • Aesthetic: Without the need for multiple outdoor units, a multi-split HVAC system can preserve the external aesthetic of your building.
  • Installation: Multi-split systems do not require the need for ductwork, making installation easier than other heating and cooling systems.


  • Investment: The cost to install a multi-split HVAC system is higher compared to other heating and cooling units.
  • Installation: While installation is easier, it still requires more pipework to complete properly and is, therefore, more complex than for single-split units.

VRV or VRF Systems

Another popular HVAC option for commercial properties is a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) or Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. This system uses a refrigerant cycle to heat or cool medium–large commercial spaces, relying on a single condenser that can be used for multiple evaporators. Heat pumps are the most popular VRV/VRF systems for most commercial properties in Dallas.


  • Powerful: VRV/VRF systems are more powerful compared to multi- and single-split HVAC units, offering greater comfort for larger spaces.
  • Installation: Commercial heat pumps are easy to install, especially for buildings that are under renovation or expansion.
  • Individualization: These systems are ideal for facilities that require customized comfort in different areas of their commercial properties.


  • Investment: The cost of installing a VRV/VRF heating and cooling system is much higher than for multi- or single-split HVAC units.

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