Air Conditioning Repair in Garland, TX

Same-Day AC Repair, Seven Days a Week

Garland summers demand a lot from your air conditioner – if you want your home to be cool and comfortable, that is. That’s why MHC Air Services offers same-day AC repair in Garland, so that unwanted breakdowns don’t disrupt your daily life.  Since 1976, we’ve been making good on our promise of stellar customer service, with highly trained team members that bring you the very best products, high-quality work, and lasting solutions. With service available seven days a week, we’ll have your home cool again in no time!

Keep your Garland home cool and comfortable all summer – call 972-279-3400 or contact us online today to schedule service with your local top-rated air conditioning contractor.

Our AC Repair Services in Garland

Summer is when your AC works its hardest, which also means it’s more likely to malfunction or break down. At MHC Air Services, we know you can’t wait until regular business hours for relief from the Texas heat – that’s why we’re available seven days a week for same-day emergency AC repair service! Our licensed HVAC technicians show up on time, bringing quality solutions to restore your comfort. They’ll quickly get to the bottom of the issue, then give you an honest assessment of the problem and explain your options. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind!

Signs You Need AC Repair

Our licensed technicians are prepared to handle the worst AC breakdowns, but you can often prevent your AC from reaching that point. Air conditioners will typically display a few red flags when all is not well, so call us right away if you notice anything out of the ordinary. By calling us for repair before your unit breaks down, you can save yourself major discomfort and reduce repair costs significantly.

If your AC needs repair, you might notice:

  • Insufficient or uneven cooling
  • Unit cutting on and off repeatedly (short-cycling)
  • Inaccurate temperature reading on your thermostat
  • Ice on your outdoor unit
  • Loud noises coming from your AC
  • Strange smells
  • Unusually high humidity in your home
  • Leaks

If any of these signs are familiar, call 972-279-3400 or contact us online right away for emergency AC repair seven days a week!

AC Repair FAQS

Why is there ice on my air conditioner?

The top two reasons for ice on your AC are low refrigerant or restricted airflow. When your AC’s refrigerant is low (usually due to a leak), its evaporator coils can get too cold and freeze. Insufficient airflow also causes the coils to drop below freezing and ice over.

Why is my AC blowing hot air?

If your AC is blowing hot air, check to make sure that your thermostat is working and wasn’t accidentally set to “heat.” If your thermostat is functioning well, your AC could be low on refrigerant. You may also have a dirty condenser unit or debris blocking the path of cool air.

Is AC maintenance necessary?

AC maintenance is absolutely necessary to keep your unit in top shape and extend its life as long as possible. Annual maintenance will keep your energy bills down by helping your AC run as efficiently as possible. It will also keep repair costs down by catching small issues before they worsen into breakdowns or big repairs.

Why Choose MHC Air Services?

At MHC Air Services, we provide the service, knowledge, and trust that every customer deserves. For over 45 years, our focus has been on creating lasting relationships with our customers. Whether you need a simple repair or full AC replacement, we always work in your best interests and provide the best service possible.

Let us show you what reputable AC repair in Garland looks like – call 972-279-3400 or contact us online today!

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