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The record temperature in Garland is 111 degrees. Texas summer heat makes air conditioning a necessity. You need your AC functioning efficiently. Sometimes, the equipment needs fixing. Metro Heating and Cooling is AC repair in Garland.

Even the best AC systems lose some efficiency as they age. Good maintenance, and a good air conditioning repair Garland, Tx of any problems will keep your system working well.

Find The Systems Problem

Pay some attention to your system. Is it constantly on? That may indicate some component is not functioning well, forcing the system to work harder and placing strain on the other parts. Another indicator of problems is an unexplained increase in your electricity bill. A malfunctioning system may run longer and suck up electricity, sharply increasing your monthly bill. Another indicator is your system running but not blowing cool. Repairs may be as simple as cleaning condenser coils, or may require installation of a new system. We will find your system’s problem, discuss it with you, and repair your AC so you are comfortable again, in a way comfortable for your budget, too.

Metro HC Is Air Conditioning Repair Garland

It’s more than a matter of being comfortable in hot weather. Being cool is important, but so is air quality. Dirty condenser coils or filters can cause particulates and other matter to circulate within a building, which is a potentially serious health issue for family, or for customers.

Metro Heating and Cooling repairs any kind of AC system in Garland, whether residential or commercial, large or small, and of any age. Out technicians are well trained, and we update that training constantly. They are also carefully trained in safety procedures. We have been in the air conditioning business since 1976. We are fully insured and licensed. We offer free estimates, and our AC repair is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Metro Cooling and Heating repairs air conditioning in Garland.

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