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Commercial Repair/Service/Installation


Be careful who performs your air conditioning repairs. At Metro Heating and Cooling we treat your business with respect. We use drop cloths and booties inside your business so after every air conditioning repair, your business looks exactly the same as when we arrived.

When you need air conditioning service, we provide it. At Metro Heating and Cooling we do our best to repair your air conditioning system. We analyze the cause of the problem and not just replace the broken part. We also analyze the cost of the repair as compared to the life expectancy of the system and advise you of our recommendations as to whether or not to consider replacement. We do our best to make certain you have all the necessary facts to make an informed decision. And we never make a repair without you understanding the full and complete cost associated with that repair.


Metro Heating and Cooling will help you select the best air conditioner for your budget. Bigger is not always better. At Metro Heating and Cooling we will analyze your business to ensure that the right size air conditioner is selected for optimum cooling and comfort.

Metro Heating and Cooling. has wide range of experience with many different brands of air conditioners including Trane.

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