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Are All Trane Dealers the Same?

Regretfully the answer is an astounding NO!

We are proud to offer what we believe to be the best equipment on the market. We believe that Trane manufactures the highest quality most reliable heating & air conditioning equipment in the industry. However, due to fair trade practice laws Trane can only go so far to restrict companies from becoming Trane dealers or buying and selling Trane equipment. The bad thing is that you the homeowner pay the ultimate price when you select a less than credible dealer and this cost can be several times the cost of the installation.

What are the differences?

  1. Not all Trane dealers offer the quality of installation so essentially necessary for you to get the full efficiency from your new comfort system.
  2. Not all materials used for the installation is provided by Trane. Some dealers will use sub-standard materials to lower the cost of installation. This will cause problems later that you may not notice immediately.
  3. Not all dealers have the expertise to recognize and correct major air flow problems. This will rob the efficiency and reliability of your new system and prevent you from receiving the savings and comfort you are paying for.
  4. Not all dealers have the TRUE expertise to perform accurate load calculations in order to provide the correct system for your home. The system installed may be too small to accomplish the temperature you desire or too large and now you are paying too much to make your home comfortable, and you paid for a larger system than you needed. If the system is oversized, which is not uncommon, you could suffer serious indoor air quality issues.
  5. Not all dealers perform a 20 year background check on their employees to ensure that they are not sending a known child molester, rapist, or known felon into your home.
  6. Not all dealers perform initial and random drug screening to ensure you have safe trustworthy people working on your home.
  7. Most dealers only carry enough insurance to meet the state required minimum of $100,000.00. This is not enough to replace your home, much less cover any additional costs should they cause any major damage. Metro Heating & Cooling carries over 2 million in liability coverage for your protection.
  8. Not all dealers take the time to protect you home thoroughly during the installation so that you are not left with a large mess to clean up when they are through with the installation.
  9. Not all dealers offer you 24 hour 7 day a week service should anything go wrong with your new system.
  10. Most dealers will not offer a “NO LEMON” guarantee that replaces the entire unit should you suffer 2 compressor failures in the first 5 years.

This list could go on and on and on….

Why take the risk?

With Metro Heating & Cooling you are protected from all the mistakes above and you will have no regrets, now or in the future, from your decision to make us your comfort provider.

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