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The heat of summer, especially in the heart of Texas, can be unbearable without a properly functioning air conditioner. The experts at Metro Heating & Cooling are here to ensure that you don’t face a summer without the great, cool air of a properly running AC unit. Servicing Dallas and the surrounding areas, Metro Heating & Cooling serves all of your needs with our air conditioning repair Mesquite, Texas.

The purpose of your ac unit is to ventilate air within a room or building, meaning that the heat is taken out from a location and replaced with a chill air. The process uses air circulation and draws out the heat into a condenser that contains refrigerant gas. With that, there are many things that could potentially go wrong with your unit.

Steps To Keep your AC Running Smoothly

Although some things aren’t preventable, there are maintenance steps that an owner can take to keep the unit running smoothly. Is your ac unit blowing air, but just doesn’t feel as cool as it should? Maybe it is time to change your home’s air filters. This should be done two-four times per year to ensure the best performance.

We recommend checking your filter throughout the year and changing it before an issue, such as the unit not blowing cool air, arises. Another preventative maintenance that can be performed is cleaning your condensation drain and your outdoor compressor on a regular basis to improve the air being pushed into your home. It is pertinent to keep your AC unit in good condition.

Should the air conditioner stop working or start showing signs that didn’t exist before, it may be that something more critical is happening. Whether it is to perform maintenance or you notice something is wrong, call Metro Heating & Cooling air conditioning repair Mesquite, TX for all of your air conditioning needs!

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